'Evolve' Mat 4.2mm 73in, Grey

The Liforme Evolve Mat is longer and wider than the average studio mat, to facilitate a spacious yoga practice for everyone. Its groundbreaking surface, and well-engineered design took 5 years R&D, and changed the yoga world forever, offering a balanced mix of good grip, grounding stability and comfortable cushion. This version offers a pared-back & refined alignment system for those who like things a little simpler.

  • 73" x 27"  (185cm x 68cm)
  • 4.2mm
  • 3.2 kg
  • Yoga Mat Bag included

Made Of  Natural rubber base, and eco-polyurethane surface.

No Harmful Stuff  Zero PVC, EVA, PER, TPE, pthalates, heavy metals or synthetic rubber. No toxic dyes. Nothing to harm the earth or your health.

Sustainability  'Planet-friendly, Body-kind'. Responsible manufacturing of eco-polyurethane ensure mats don't release toxic chemicals when incinerated; and will break down in 1-5 years if left in a landfill - here's the science.

Performance  Lies flat, no curled edges. GripForMe surface technology absorbs your sweat, and guarantees grip. Pared-back AlignForMe lasered markings are fade-resistant, and guides an experienced yogi.

Care Instruction  A simple DIY solution of distilled water + tiny bit of natural soap in 10:1 ratio (no suds, no rinse). Or patch test the Jade Yoga Mat Wash.

Causes Supported  Yoga Gives Back, a not-for-profit organisation set up to empower women & children in India and build sustainable livelihoods. More Liforme causes here.

Our Take  The Liforme 'Evolve' mat is a solid investment mat that will ensure continued progression for an experienced yogi. The Drishti point at the top of the mat helps you focus. The absorbent surface removes the need for a distracting towel. Consider adding a Yoga Pad if you prefer more cushion, or the 'Expressions' series for an intentional practice.

    • $240.00