Liforme Travel Mat 2mm 70in Love Mat

The Special Edition Liforme Love Mats feature a unique embellishment of our popular AlignForMe design, setting the love-lotus at the centre of your practice. Now available in the new lightweight Liforme Love Travel Mat. Designed for Yogis of all practising styles and abilities and especially for those looking to make things that little bit lovelier. 

Why buy? For its amazing sweat absorption, the grip, and the alignment markings.

Good for? A gift! And a timely reminder of love and grace each time you practice.

  • 180cm long x 66cm wide
  • 2mm thick
  • 1.6kg
  • Natural rubber base and eco-polyurethane surface
  • GripForMe surface technology guarantees you will never slip
  • AlignForMe alignment markings are lasered on, and will never fade
  • Yoga Mat Bag included
  • $240.00