'Expressions' Happiness Pad 4.2mm 13in, Vibrant Orange

The Liforme Yoga Pad is the little brother of the regular mat, It fits easily into a small bag, a handy prop to give you the comfort, stability and grip you need, when you can't take the full-sized one around. Its groundbreaking surface, and well-engineered design took 5 years R&D, and changed the yoga world forever, offering a balanced mix of good grip, joint support and portability for the yogi on the go. The Happiness Mat features a sunshine Mandala in the mat-centreinspiring happiness.

  • 13" x 25"  (33cm x 64cm)
  • 4.2mm
  • 650g
  • Yoga Mat Bag included

Made Of  Natural rubber base, and eco-polyurethane surface.

No Harmful Stuff  Zero PVC, EVA, PER, TPE, pthalates, heavy metals or synthetic rubber. No toxic dyes. Nothing to harm the earth or your health.

Sustainability  'Planet-friendly, Body-kind'. Responsible manufacturing of eco-polyurethane ensure mats don't release toxic chemicals when incinerated; and will break down in 1-5 years if left in a landfill - here's the science.

Performance  Lies flat, no curled edges. GripForMe surface technology absorbs your sweat, and guarantees grip. AlignForMe lasered markings are fade-resistant, and guides your asana practice, helping to prevent injury.

Care Instruction  A simple DIY solution of distilled water + tiny bit of natural soap in 10:1 ratio (no suds, no rinse). Or patch test the Jade Yoga Mat Wash.

Causes Supported  Yoga Gives Back, a not-for-profit organisation set up to empower women & children in India and build sustainable livelihoods. More Liforme causes here.

Our Take  The Liforme yoga pad is the perfect mat to lay over a studio mat for joint support, or additional hand grip. Every time you use an 'Expressions' mat, you will be reminded of the theme. Energy flows where attention goes: over time, the joyfulness will follow you off the mat.

  • $135.00