'Expressions' Gratitude Pad 4.2mm 13in, Grateful Pink

TRULY SUPPORTIVE. This ‘little brother’ of the Liforme Yoga Mat is now available in the 'Gratitude' expressions series. It fits easily into a small bag; a handy prop to give you the comfort, stability and grip you need, when you can’t take your Liforme Yoga Mat or Liforme Travel Mat around with you. Offers additional joint support, and gratitude attitude when you're on your pad!

Why Buy? Energy flows where attention goes. Place your hands alongside the gratitude emblem; & practice often. Consistency guarantees the attitude. 

Good for? Super portability, & building an intentional practice.

  • 33cm x 64cm
  • 4.2mm thick
  • 650gm
  • Natural rubber base and eco-polyurethane surface
  • GripForMe surface technology guarantees you will never slip
  • AlignForMe alignment markings are lasered on, and will never fade
  • Yoga Pad Bag included
  • $135.00