Liforme 'Expressions' Gratitude Mat 4.2mm 73in, Grey

TRULY GRATEFUL. Featuring Liforme's usual unrivalled grip and a new embellished etching design at the centre of the alignment guide: hands in prayer, with lotus flowers in full blossom, inspired by the ‘Gratitude’ theme.

The GripForMe material is truly Planet Friendly and Body Kind, whilst the unique AlignForMe system of practical alignment markers intelligently guides yogis of all shapes and sizes. The Liforme is longer and wider than standard studio mats, giving yogis the space they crave, with perfect balance between firm stability & comfortable cushioning.

Why buy? Energy flows where intention goes. Every time you step onto the mat, you will be reminded of the theme. Over time, your gratitude attitude will follow you off the mat.

Good for? Building an intentional practice, bringing yoga & gratitude into your life. Try before you disagree!

  • 185cm long x 68cm wide
  • 4.2mm thick
  • 3.2g
  • Natural rubber base and eco-polyurethane surface
  • GripForMe surface technology guarantees you will never slip
  • AlignForMe alignment markings are lasered on, and will never fade
  • Yoga Mat Bag included
  • $265.00