Giving our customers sustainable and eco-friendly options is why we started TTT. We want to show you that there are wallet- and earth-friendly workout wear and yoga mats & accessories. And in the process, help extend your environmental impact.

Our journey began in 2011, as Singapore's first eco yoga shop, and we haven't looked back. The brands we carry are all carefully curated for their beautiful design and high function, with people and the environment as top priorities.

From grippy yoga mats to buttery soft workout wear, everything is made to the highest quality, consciously. We can tell you where the raw materials come from, where each item is made, and who made them. What we always try to do is tie back our work with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. For us, that's focusing directly on responsible consumption (Goal #12), and supporting zero poverty (Goal #1) and climate action (Goal #13)

When you buy from us, you reduce your plastic and carbon footprint; and contribute to keeping our beautiful earth green; and support fair trade labour, all whilst looking good and practising on the best mats.

We *heart* our Planet.