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  • Why Eco?

    Because we only have this one earth. And because everybody else we share it with is as important as you and me. So we choose to tread lightly on this planet. #Ahimsa Being 'Eco' means being part of the broader 'Sustainability' picture. It's a big word, which means different things to different pe... View Post
  • Which Yoga Mat Should I Buy?

    A long long time ago, yogis practised on cloth “mats”; they didn’t have the luxury of choice. Now we have so many brands, and so many types of yoga mats, it can seem a big task! We help you simplify, and here is what we tell our customers to think about. View Post
  • What Makes Liforme a Super Mat? Is it worth $240?

    What’s a good mat? Good grip, good cushioning, and priced reasonably. What’s a great mat? A great mat is a good mat, and it’s good looking too.  View Post


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