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Why Eco?

Because we only have this one earth. And because everybody else we share it with is as important as you and me. So we choose to tread lightly on this planet. #Ahimsa

Being 'Eco' means being part of the broader 'Sustainability' picture. It's a big word, which means different things to different people. The best way to explain this is using the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals, a comprehensive list of 17 targets to aspire towards. We focus on Goal #12, Responsible Consumption and Production, and strongly believe that people can, and should, vote with their dollar for a better outcome. We support Goal #1 - No Poverty, and Goal #13 - Climate Action

For TTT, this means that all the products are either fair trade (people aren't exploited) and/or are eco-friendly (they'll biodegrade naturally), or they are zero waste in their processes. Some brands also give back to charity or in kind to the planet. 

Working towards these goals does not mean quality is sacrificed. We believe in functionality and performance, in a fashionably stylish package. The brands we curate offer these. On top of it, they leave a much smaller footprint than most others in their field. 

We don't do 'green washing' either (aka hypocritical talk!). It's the real deal. We always know where the products are made, and who made the handcrafted ones (all your apparel). We do the work to hunt down these green brands, and guide you how to spend your dollars supporting these UN SDG Goals, and being eco.

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Support the climate. Support our causes.

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