Voyager Mat 1.6mm 68in, Purple

The Jade Voyager is the lightest foldable studio-sized mat in the market, providing great traction for asana. Super light, this folds down to the size of a yoga block, offering you true portability to stash into your suitcase or backpack.

  • 68" x 24"  (172cm x 61cm)
  • 1.6mm
  • 1.5lbs  (600g)
  • Sustainably made in the USA
  • Complies with all environmental, labour & consumer protection laws

Made Of  Natural rubber, and small amounts of natural/ man-made components (Jade proprietary info) necessary to maintain form and function.

No Harmful Stuff  Zero PVC, EVA, PER, TPE, pthalates, heavy metals or synthetic rubber. Nothing to harm the earth or your health.

Sustainability  Harvested from renewable resources in Malaysia & Vietnam, no Amazon rainforests harmed.

Performance  Textured surface offers secure grip.

Care Instruction  Jade Yoga Mat Wash, specially formulated for rubber mats. Or DIY distilled water + white vinegar in 3:1 ratio.

Causes Supported  Trees for the Future x Jade's Buy a Mat, Plant a Tree initiative. Over 2,000,000 trees planted as of March 2020. Other Jade causes here!

Our Take  The Jade Voyager Mat is the best sustainable mat to travel with, or place over a yoga studio mat, for personal hygiene concerns. Its thinness offers no cushion- you'll feel every bump on the ground; not recommended for long term daily use on its own. If you really sweat a lot, consider the sweat-absorbing (but much thicker) Liforme Travel Mat.