Rumi Earth Sun Yoga Mat Wide 4.3mm 71in

The Sun Yoga Mat - Wide is sustainably made from a blend of 100% natural rubber and cotton. It is grippy & highly durable and won't easily 'flake' off. The top layer absorbs sweat so there isn't 'pooling'. Very easy to clean, it will biodegrade back into the earth at the end of its life span, leaving no trace or chemical.

Why buy? 3 inches longer, 2 inches wider for a more spacious practice. 

Good for? Someone over 170cm tall, & wants some cushion with a smooth texture.

  • 26" x 71" (66cm x 180cm)
  • 4.3mm
  • 2.4kg
  • Totally natural: Cotton & Rubber
  • The surface ensures a comfortable grip while you practice and is smooth enough not to disturb your movements.
  • Absorbs your sweat, and avoids pooling that might cause you to slip and slide.
  • $199.00