Boa Mat Sling

Versatile & fuss-free, this yoga mat sling allows your mat to air-dry and remain odour-free. Simply loop it over your rolled-up yoga mat, tighten & go!

  • Fits all mat sizes, with its adjustable loop
  • Designed to rest comfortably & stylishly on the shoulders

Made Of  100% natural cotton.

No Harmful Stuff  Zero PVC, EVA, PER, TPE, pthalates, heavy metals or synthetic foam. No toxic dyes. Nothing to harm the earth or your health.

Sustainability  Cotton is biodegradable. Close supervision of the manufacturing process ensures that people and resources are ethically managed. This mat strap, like all Rumi products, will break down and reintegrate into earth without harming our planet.

Performance  Long-lasting and lightweight, this strap folds away into a palm-sized bundle when not in use.

Care Instruction  Handwash and line-dry; do not bleach or dry-clean. The cotton may shrink slightly - will not affect function.

Our Take  Stylish yet practical, this Boa Mat Sling is designed to complement your mat(s), allowing air circulation. Named after the world-renowned 13th-century poet, Rumi Earth is poetry in motion, made for you to totally focus on your practice.

  • $35.00